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👋 Hellooo, I'm Iris!

As a third-year Business and Design student at Northeastern University, I constantly find myself exploring the intersection between business and user experience. So that means taking a human-centered approach to collecting and analyzing consumer data, and problem-solving to meet the needs and goals of end-users while considering company values.

Through a combination of in-class learning, extracurricular work, and self-teaching, I've been able to apply what I've learned to the projects I'm involved in. Check them out here!

Currently obsessed with...

🍞 All things bread.

I mean, from making it to eating it, what's not to love about bread? It's versatile, affordable, culturally significant, and of course, very yummy. Plus, kneading dough is a great workout.

🎧 Curating (too many) playlists.

Because I need one for every mood. Am I feeling like a middle-aged Chinese lady at a karaoke party, or an overly dramatic noble in the Baroque period?

📚 Reading books.

I'm one step closer to living my coastal grandmother dreams. Also, my yearly reading challenge isn't gonna complete itself. Current favorite: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.

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