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BSO brand identity redesign


Project brief

Founded in 1881, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the top five orchestras in the United States. The orchestra not only reaches its audience of millions through live concerts, but also via recordings, radio, and television. Then, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BSO released the online streaming platform BSO NOW in 2020.

To reflect the orchestra's progressive efforts, a visual rebrand was needed. So how might we build a strong brand identity that effectively communicates the BSO's values while adapting to changing times?


Let's start with the logo.










The existing logo (above) has the brand mark, a series of overlapping curves, encompassing the brand name. Without the supporting text, the brand mark does not effectively communicate what the BSO is all about. The goal of my logo redesign was then to create a brand mark that could stand alone but still convey a clear message and leave a memorable impression on the audience. So after many sketches and iterations, the final mark became developed.










The redesigned mark is adapted from the dal segno symbol and modified appropriately, incorporating the letters "B" "S" and "O" in a subtle but still notable manner. As mentioned in the mark study above, the comparative weight of the curve of the "S" draws the eye to the center, allowing the viewer to more easily identify the mark's relevant details.


This mark can be accompanied by the brand name to form a logo lockup. A sans serif typeface (Sours Sans Pro) was chosen, as it conveys modernity and displays clearer on both the web and large prints with images.





The typeface Lora is then paired with Source Sans Pro to achieve the ideal typeface combination. This serif typeface works best for longer text, such as paragraphs on the website or concert programs.

Not only do the typefaces showcase BSO's personality as a brand, but so do the color choices.




The primary colors include black and a red color that is rich and classic yet refreshing. These serve as the core brand colors that are essential to BSO's overall visual identity. Then, the secondary colors accompany the primary colors by contributing more versatility and youthful energy. This palette was carefully curated so that a combination of any two secondary colors can be selected and still work well together.

Now let's apply the components of this brand identity to various visual contents of the BSO.


Brand Applications

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